• And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free – John 8:32

Rebuilding Your Life With Purpose And One Step At A Time

At Hope Again Wellness Centre, we firmly believe in the pursuit of God’s presence. In that relationship, hearts are healed, minds are renewed, and lives are restored. 

God remains the centre of all our treatment approaches to equip our clients to live not only redeemed, productive lives but lives filled with joy, peace and purpose.

With a focus on individualised therapy, our programme is structured on biblical faith-based principles in collaboration with professional therapeutic assistance from social workers, psychologists and experienced addiction counsellors.

Recovery Programme

Hope Again Wellness Centres’ comprehensive, evidence-based therapies include:

  • The 12-Step Celebrate Recovery Course
  • Belief Therapy
  • Life- and Coaching skills
  • One-on-one discipleship mentor sessions
  • One-on-one occupational therapy sessions
  • One-on-one Social Worker sessions
  • Classes presented by psychologists
  • One-on-one psychology sessions (optional)
  • The possibility of completing matric (conditional)
  • Routine classes and church gatherings, focused on rebuilding relationships, finding identity in Christ, and teaching the fundamentals of the Bible
  • Therapeutic duties and routines
Drug and Alcohol Recovery Programme

One of the main benefits of Hope Again Wellness Centres’ programmes, is the structure it provides. Emphasising daily routines with activities and counselling sessions, without the normal distractions.

In a safe and supportive environment, the client is surrounded by people who understand exactly what they are going through, and sincerely wants to help. Goals include addressing communication and interpersonal skills, efficient decision making, self-control, resilience and the ability to cope, and setting and accomplishing goals.

New Therapies

School of Habitation

School of Habitation is designed to immerse you in His Presence and His Word until we corporately and individually become a dwelling place for the Lord.

Live weekly teachings School of Habitation pastoral staff & special guest speakers. All teachings will be available in student portals, and are self-paced. School of Habitation will also offer add-on classes to enhance your walk and learning experience.

At Hope Again Wellness Centre our clients watch weekly on-line teaching to expand their knowledge of Jesus and further develop a solid foundation. This course can be continued once clients leave, at their own cost and can when further completed be ordained through School of habitation.

School of Habitation
Cold Therapy Treatment

Cold Therapy

Hope Again Wellness Centre has introduced cold therapy into our programme.

Some of the most recognised and researched cold therapy mental benefits are stress reduction, reduced cortisol levels, mood enhancement and improved mental resilience. Controlled discomfort will also help an individual develop resilience and a great sense of mental fortitude.

Cold therapy can produce a feeling of calm, happiness, and well-being, which can support the mitigation of mental health symptoms such as depression and anxiety.

Family Support

During the first 6 weeks of the client’s arrival, we provide online support through virtual Zoom meetings, specifically designed for families and sponsors. Sessions aim to offer a deeper understanding of the steps the client undergoes during their time on programme, and as a platform for families and sponsors to receive support in processing their own experiences.

For the balance of the client’s programme, families or specifically nominated representatives have access to a personalised WhatsApp communication feed that includes the assigned counsellor, social worker, a medical care representative and centre management. The channel is interactive and include routine reports and feedback. The communication channel also provide a platform for questions and concerns to reasonably approached.


Establishing a reintegration plan is a crucial aspect of our client’s treatment, to mitigate the risk of relapse, or help them get back on track if they do.

Resembling a typical life coaching life plan, effective goals are set, and the cultivation of healthy relationships are emphasised. 

After Care

Supporting clients in their reintegration into society, the Hope Again Wellness after care programme include online sessions with counsellors, personal mentors and life coaches. This assists in establishing a new lifestyle. For more information please contact us – we are here to help.