Rehab Centre in Potchefstroom

Embark on a transformative journey toward recovery in a nurturing environment at our rehab centre near Potchefstroom. Expect delicious, nourishing meals, and thoughtfully designed accommodations. Here, you’ll be supported through intensive, meaningful work dedicated to helping you reclaim your life and wellness.

Our Potchefstroom Centre is situated approximately 37 km outside of Potchefstroom on a 20ha plot of land. Serving as our main centre and administrative hub, its location away from the city provides a serene environment for clients to immerse themselves in their treatment and healing process, free from the constant distractions of everyday life.

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Rebuilding Your Life With Purpose And One Step At A Time

9 Months & Longer Programmes at Potchefstroom

Healing takes time, and studies have shown consistently that long term programmes have better outcomes. Hope Again Wellness Centre Potchefstroom is a long-term programme of 9 months and longer.

6 Weeks, 3 Month, & 6 Month Programmes at Bloemfontein

We offer alternative drug and alcohol rehabilitation programmes of 6 weeks, 3 months, and 6 months at Hope Again Wellness Centre Bloemfontein.