Natasha Oosthuizen

Raised in the embrace of a loving Christian home, my life took an unexpected turn at the age of 14. Influenced by the wrong crowd, I found myself in the destructive embrace of alcohol and drugs. As the years unfolded, my life spiraled out of control, marked by theft and extortion. In the grip of addiction, I thought I was invincible. But then, a harsh reality hit me—I had to decide, a choice between life and death. In the face of darkness, I found the strength to choose life. The love and support I received at Hope Again Wellness Centre played a crucial role in my program, providing me with the foundation and encouragement needed for my transformation. Today, 5 Years later, I serve as the Kitchen Manager at Hope Again Wellness Centre, and I am a mentor to numerous ladies who join the program.

Daniela Beukman

In the tough times of my life, I went through deep emotional pain, spiritual emptiness, and a feeling of endless hopelessness. Hurt by unmet expectations and a string of bad choices, I became addicted to heroin and my life had become unmanageable. It’s at this crucial point that Jesus Christ stepped in, becoming the driving force for my rescue, redemption, and restoration. His incredible power amazed me, showing the miracles that God can perform with a broken heart and a willing spirit. But my journey didn’t stop with God’s intervention alone. Hope Again Wellness Centre played a vital role in my recovery. The social workers at the center were instrumental in providing emotional support, and they offered classes on parenting skills to help me become a better parent. Their complete program, centered around Christ, gave me the tools, support, and community I needed to rebuild my life. The therapeutic and educational aspects of the program worked together, guiding me toward healing and reintegrating into society.


After being in recovery for 6 years, I experienced a relapse and acknowledged that I needed assistance to get back up again. I reached out to Hope Again Wellness Centre for help. Many of the strongest people have had multiple relapses over the years. I had to understand that I experienced a setback and had to understand where and why things went wrong. A relapse is never the end of the journey. It’s a stepping stone that helped me learn from my mistakes and grow stronger in my resolve to get back on track. After successfully completing the program 4 years ago, Allen is now working as a team leader for Rubber Roofs. Recovery after relapse looks like something different to different people. You may need to return to treatment to get back on track. Maybe you need to ramp up your support system in your real life. Or you may want to develop better-coping strategies to help you through difficult situations without drug or alcohol use. Whatever you need, Hope Again Wellness Centre will help you figure out what post-relapse recovery looks like, without any judgment along the way.”


Due to my own actions, I lost the dignity I once had, and in desperation, I reached out to God. Tired of trying to fix things my way and making them worse, I clutched at an invitation from CRC Church, leading me to the help I needed at Hope Again Wellness Centre – Potchefstroom. After 14 years of addiction, I entered Hope Again Wellness Centre on December 9, 2019. On the bus, I asked God not to let me leave until He opened the gate to my purpose. Despite my past mistakes, I believed in starting over through Jesus, clinging to His word for strength and guidance. The discipleship classes and church services at Hope Again Wellness Centreplayed a pivotal role in my recovery journey. They provided me with spiritual guidance, a sense of community, and the teachings necessary to rebuild my life. Today, I work as an area sales specialist for Rubber Roofs, filled with gratitude for what the Lord has done. I am Marc, overwhelmed by the feeling of being whole. Peace fills my heart, and my commitment to obeying God has brought me happiness beyond imagination.


In the depths of despair, I found my way to Hope Again Wellness Centre. Once a hostage to the chains of addiction, this haven became my sanctuary for healing. Here, I discovered a newfound freedom, breaking free from the shackles of sin. With each passing day, my self-control became a mastered art, my self-belief soared, and my self-esteem blossomed. The intimate connection with the creator that I longed for was finally within reach. A relentless craving for time with God emerged, fulfilling a desire I hadn’t known how to achieve. To all seeking solace, regardless of cultural background or skin colour, I strongly encourage you to join the compassionate and highly skilled community at Hope Again Wellness Centre. Your journey to transformation and renewal awaits. 4 years later I work as an operational manager at Rubber Roofs


After a coma that nearly claimed my life, I woke up in the hospital, battered by dangerous people due to a serious relapse. I looked unrecognizable, a result of the injuries suffered. I am Tyron, and my journey through life was marred by anger and a belief that God didn’t care. Encouraged by my family, I reluctantly went to rehab, driven by the wrong motives and deep denial about the severity of my situation. I relapsed and lost everything, coming close to losing my life. Hope Again Wellness Centre became my refuge on April 5, 2019. Initially resistant, angry, and distant from God, I eventually yielded. Jesus pursued me, healing my broken parts. At the Centre, I found a safe place to break into pieces so that the Lord could rebuild me for His purposes. Today Four years later, I can smile again. Equipped with tools from Hope Again Wellness Centre, I lead my team as a team leader at Rubber Roofs – Garden Route. I wake up with purpose, and my life has meaning. four years ago, I wanted my life to end, but Jesus stepped into my storm, giving me direction. He can do the same for you.”


In 2018, I embraced the chance to rewrite my life story by entering the transformative program at Hope Again Wellness Centre. For eight years, I was living in a broken-down building, stuck in a cycle of crime to fuel my addiction to heroin. Upon entering the Centre, my fragile well-being demanded urgent attention. Supported by the registered medical staff, my journey toward a new life started. The Centre’s staff stood unwaveringly by me as I confronted the It was just another night in the haze of active addiction, allowing me to feel invisible and take risks I wouldn’t normally take. Without a safety belt and speeding, I found myself in a serious car accident, a consequence of a hard relapse. Immediately after the car tumbled, I knew I needed to change my life and called out to God. On December 15, 2020, I made the decision to check into Hope Again Wellness Centre, understanding that my perception needed a shift. challenges of heroin withdrawal and addressed pressing health concerns. Because I followed what Jesus taught. I chose to surrender and found resilience and purpose. In the nurturing environment of Hope Again Wellness Centre, my story unfolded with themes of healing, resilience, and a deepened connection with faith through Christ. Fast forward five years, and I now work at Hope Again Wellness Centre, positioned as a mentor for others, like myself once deemed hopeless—offering guidance and demonstrating that there is indeed hope for the future. After work, I find solace in the embrace of my home, welcomed by my loving newlywed wife, a registered social worker at Hope Again Wellness Centre. Our house echoes with the energy and laughter of our beautiful baby boy, telling a story of the power of commitment, support, and the unwavering spirit of Hope Again Wellness Centre through Jesus Christ.


It was just another night in the haze of active addiction, allowing me to feel invisible and take risks I wouldn’t normally take. Without a safety belt and speeding, I found myself in a serious car accident, a consequence of a hard relapse. Immediately after the car tumbled, I knew I needed to change my life and called out to God. On December 15, 2020, I made the decision to check into Hope Again Wellness Centre, understanding that my perception needed a shift.The early days of recovery were challenging, providing great insight into the journey ahead.If you ask me about the word of the day, I proudly respond with ‘PROCESS.’ I’ve come to realize that everything of value is subject to a process. Recovery is no different; there are no quick fixes. It takes hard work and motivation. Strength is the key to a successful recovery plan. Beyond giving up substances, recovery means getting stronger to better weather life’s storms. This involves acquiring appropriate coping skills and upgrading your emotional and mental ‘toolbox.’ Back home in Cape Town, I’ve been making good use of my ‘toolbox’ for the past three years. I was promoted to the position of team leader at my workplace, Rubber Roofs. Through God’s grace, all my relationships have been restored, and I’ve become a blessing to everyone I encounter. Let my testimony inspire you if you’ve been discouraged by a relapse. Today, I am reaping the benefits of my brave decision to GET UP and TRY AGAIN.


5 years ago active addiction had left me as an empty shell, and everything I valued had been taken away. A family member offered to get me the help I needed, but fearing the unknown, I declined until the next day. As I sat alone that evening, I imagined my life as a very big puzzle, with pieces scattered far and wide. I had no idea how to begin assembling them and putting my life back together. You can run as far as you want from a calling, but sooner or later,God will allow you to catch up with your choices and realize that His plans for your life are good, plans to give you hope and a future. God builds the most beautiful puzzles; He knows where each piece goes, but we need to step out in faith and obey Him. Despite my skepticism and nervousness, I booked myself into the program the following day. Stepping into Hope Again Wellness Centre, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I had found Jesus and purpose. This is evident from the testimonies of so many people who have benefited from the program. All the classes at Hope Again, covering various aspects of recovery, played a crucial role in my transformation. From discipleship classes to educational programs, each class equipped me with tools to rebuild my life. Today, I am grateful to be a part of the Hope Again team, helping other ladies who come into the program and are lost, just like I once was. It’s a full-circle journey of redemption and restoration.”


For 15 long years, I vanished into the shadows of drug dens across South Africa. My family tirelessly distributed missing person posters in their search for me. Little did they know that I had been trafficked and held captive in an undisclosed location for over a year, enduring unimaginable hardships before finally breaking free and seeking refuge at Hope Again Recovery Center. In my pursuit of a renewed life, I willingly surrendered myself to God, embracing the programat Hope Again Wellness Centre wholeheartedly until its completion. Demonstrating my commitment, I volunteered for a period at the center, guiding new arrivals on their journey. Today, four years later, I thrive in my own little corner of the world alongside my partner, living with purpose. Imagine being a mother who believed her child was lost forever, only to be reunited after 15 years. This heartwarming reunion unfolded when I flew to Thailand to celebrate my birthday with my mom this year, a moment we had yearned for over a decade. How does a situation that seems utterly hopeless come back to life? The answer is simple: Jesus Christ.


I lived a life of wrongdoing, harming others and myself. Communities, educational institutions, businesses, and individuals were all targets, including my own ventures. Everything changed when I realized I was spending years in and out of prisons and rehabilitation centers. Turning to the word of God, I prayed for intervention from above, and with my family’s help, I agreed to come to Hope Again Wellness Centre on 04/03/2019.God opened my eyes, greatly impacting my life. Blessed with my family’s full support, I embarked on a journey to make a full recovery. Witnessing what God can do with a shattered heart and a willing spirit, my life became a testimony of a loving God who never leaves or forsakes us. From desperately broken to dynamically blessed, Jesus came to give me and my family hope again. I was removed from jails and institutions by Frikkie Hefer and his ministry, Hope Again Wellness Centre. Choosing to stay in the word and seek guidance from the Lord, who saved my life at Hope Again Wellness Centre, has been a life-changing experience. It’s been 4 years now, growing from strength to strength daily, and I can only thank the Lord God and Hope Again Wellness Centre.


Born in a small town in the Northern Cape called De aar, and raised by his mother and grandmother who did their utmost to raise me as a God fearing man . He took the wrong path and went his own way – dysfunctional behavior and addiction. He lost his identity to the extent that he never thought he would live a life with purpose again. Hope Again Wellness Centre in Potchefstroom, came on the horizon and this was where ha completely found his identity in Christ again.The daily therapy and discipleship has lead him to a life of being a true follower of Christ and actually standing for what He has called us to be – disciples for Him. He was presented with the opportunity to become a representative of Hope Again Wellness Centre and actually be an example of how God can completely transform your life from where there was no hope, to a life of purpose and complete transformation .