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Your Support, Our Mission, Mutual Benefit

It may seem overwhelming to put the time and effort into helping individuals break through addiction, yet many studies, and our experience, show the real benefits of our redemptive approach.

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There is a long, growing list of individuals desperate for the opportunity to change their lives.

From thousands of applicants requesting assistance with funding, HAWC trustees and it’s partners have over the last 3 years, assisted with over 230 subsidized or free programmes.

As individuals, companies, organisations or business owners yourselves, please consider partnering with us in sponsoring a programme.

Comprehensive recovery and rehabilitation programmes
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Hope Again Wellness Centres are licensed substance abuse rehabilitation centres, recognised as Non-Profit (NPO number 237-720) and with active Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) status able to issue Section 18A Certificates.

Your Donation, Our Assurance

When you donate to Hope Again Wellness Centre, whether through cash contributions or donations of goods (excluding services), you not only partner with us in our transformative work but also qualify for an income tax deduction. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Donations Eligible for Tax Deduction: Must be in cash or kind (e.g., goods used by the centre). The value reflected on the tax certificate will represent the normal cost to acquire these goods.
  • Utilisation of Donations: Your contributions will directly support qualifying public benefit activities, specifically substance abuse rehabilitation.
  • Transparency and Accountability: Donations come with no strings attached, ensuring they are used solely for public benefit activities. Should there be any deviation, donors have the right to request a return, underlining our commitment to transparency and accountability.

Upon making a donation, we will promptly engage with you to gather the necessary details for issuing a Section 18A Certificate, ensuring you receive this documentation timely—reflecting either upon the confirmation of a cash donation in our bank statements or the receipt of donated goods.

Connect with Us for a Purposeful Contribution

We invite companies, business owners, and individuals eager to make a meaningful impact to reach out. Your contributions support not just a noble cause but also offer financial benefits under the current tax legislation. For more information on how to contribute and benefit from a tax perspective, please contact our finance and administration departments at,, or through

Together, we can forge a path towards recovery and community reintegration for those affected by substance abuse. Join us in making a difference.