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School of Habitation

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At Hope Again Wellness Centre, we are a community of believers dedicated to guiding you towards a life of hope and purpose. 

We believe in the power of transformation through faith. Our mission is not just to help individuals recover from addiction but to guide them towards a redeemed relationship with God.

Embracing His Presence

The School of Habitation is an addition to our recovery programme and provides an opportunity to dive deeper into His Word and His presence until we become a dwelling place for the Lord.

“Our hearts are to see a generation fall deeply in love with Jesus and become students of His presence.” My unfailing love surrounds you who trusts in Me.” (Psalm 32) “Do not be afraid, I am your shield, I am your very great reward” (Genesis 15)”

Weekly Live Teachings

Every week, our students gather to participate in live teachings. Whether you’re seeking a stronger spiritual foundation or a deeper understanding of the Bible, these teachings are tailored to guide you on your journey.

Enhancing Your Walk

School of Habitation classes are designed to deepen your faith, strengthen your understanding of the Scriptures, and empower you on your spiritual journey. From prayer workshops to biblical studies, there’s something for everyone.

Continuing the Journey

Upon completion of the School of Habitation program at Hope Again Wellness Centre, you have the option to continue these teachings. 

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