Social Media Marketing

Course Overview

Social Media and Brand

  • Brands presence on social media
  • Blending social media and traditional media
  • Engaging with your brand’s audience
  • Strategies for engagement and marketing
  • Building your target audience and persona
  • Tailoring your content for your audience and social media channel
  • Exploring different social platforms
  • Social sharing platforms
  • Microblogging platforms
  • Understanding how to incorporate blogging into social media
  • Social bookmarking platforms and their use

Marketing Communication Concepts

  • Marketing communications mix
  • Traditional and digital marketing communications
  • Lateral thinking in marketing
  • High and low thinking marketing strategies

Social Media Content Strategy

  • Target market behaviour
  • Content style guide
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Setting content marketing targets
  • Understanding curated and created content
  • Content marketing on different social platforms

Creation of Content for Different Social Platforms

  • How to use hashtags effectively
  • Planning your content calendars
  • Identifying gaps in your content
  • Building a content marketing inventory

Engaging With Your Social Audience

  • Setting SMART goals and objectives
  • Social media campaign design
  • Designing content goals
  • Designing campaign goals and strategies
  • Facebook campaigns
  • Instagram campaigns
  • LinkedIn campaigns
  • YouTube campaigns
  • Twitter campaigns
  • Fundamentals of influencer marketing
  • Understanding your social analytics and making strategic decisions

Writing Advertising Copy

  • Copywriting for different mediums and target audiences
  • Writing best practices and principles

Managing Your Social Media Community

  • Understanding community management
  • Setting your social community guidelines
  • Setting business policies for social media
  • Online reputation management (ORM)
  • Dealing with negative and positive audience responses
  • Guidelines for monitoring
  • Social media customer service strategies
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Management Skills

Advertising on Social Media Platforms

  • Introduction to advertising
  • Understanding your target audience
  • Establishing the right payment models for your business goals
  • Facebook advert designing
  • Instagram advert designing and formatting
  • Twitter advert creation
  • LinkedIn advertising creation and design
  • YouTube Advertising and design strategies
  • Setting up marketing budgets for different platforms
  • Understanding your advertising metrics and setting KPI’s

Brand Identity

  • Understanding brand identity and the purpose is thereof
  • Becoming a customer-centric organization
  • Components of brand identity
  • Understanding brand vision
  • Brand purpose and positioning

Measuring And Optimization

  • Introduction to social media optimization
  • Understanding ROI for social media
  • Steps to measure ROI
  • Determining your objectives and KPI’s for your social media marketing plan
  • Conversion Analysis of social media
  • Understanding data types for social media advertising and marketing
  • Understanding your social media analytics for all platforms

Strategic Planning

  • How to create a strategy that suits your business
  • Defining your social media objectives
  • Understanding competitive analysis
  • Understanding the SWOT analysis
  • Elements of a strategy plan
  • Putting a strategy plan together


  • 9 Months
  • Method of Assessment: Candidates will be assessed by completing a knowledge questionnaire and compiling Portfolios of Evidence
  • Once Learners have been declared competent and their assessment outcome have been verified by the Services Seta, they will earn the credits linked to unit standards making up the skills programme / qualification.
  • These credits will be registered on the National Learners' Records Database