Pastoral Counselling

Course Overview

The course is designed to develop Pastoral Counselling with effective and polished interpersonal skills, that understand and manage people’s emotions, and lastly sustain the passion for their work. Harvard Business Review says emotional intelligence is “the key to professional success.” It is about enrolling people to utilise their full potential.

The course assists Pastoral Counsellors to become aware, authentic, passionate, and to act with integrity. The course is built on a solid foundation of truth, love, respect, commitment and alignment to foster an environment where people can bring their greatest to the table.

Pastoral counselors deal with the process of recovery and healing after a traumatic experience. We live in a traumatized society. The church and/or the pastoral counselor is often the only ‘immediate’ available resource for support and guidance.

Pastoral counselors are challenged by the need for emotional, relational and spiritual healing. In this course the theory and practice of narrative pastoral care and counselling are integrated and candidates equipped to offer hope in a wide variety of situations.

The need for pastoral care is growing exponentially. Candidates would be exposed to the practice of pastoral care. Candidates will be equipped to facilitate hope and healing in a wide variety of pastoral situations.


  • 9 Months
  • Method of Assessment: Candidates will be assessed by completing a knowledge questionnaire and compiling Portfolios of Evidence
  • Once Learners have been declared competent and their assessment outcome have been verified by the Services Seta, they will earn the credits linked to unit standards making up the skills programme /qualification.
  • These credits will be registered on the National Learners' Records Database