Our Full Program.

At Hope Again we believe that truly changing our lifestyle takes time.

It is not just about gaining knowledge and having the desire to change. Although the desire to change is important, on its own, it is simply not enough.

We have to join our desire with the discipline of applying what we have learned. It is about solidifying new habits when it comes to dealing with conflict, disappointment, achievement and many other experiences can lead to impulsive and destructive decision making.

At Hope Again we take a multi-disciplinary approach in our treatment process.

Our classes not only deals with addiction but a multitude of other topics, from the 12 steps of recovery to goal setting and life planning.

All relevant to building a new, wholesome, productive life.


We value the person as a whole

What our Therapeutic Program involves.

Addiction Counselling

Social Workers

Occupational Therapy

Medical Support

Daily Duties

Recreational Activities

Third Party Psychology ( on site )

Third Party Psychiatry Services

"Short Term Treatment simply cannot offer the Dynamics and Benefits of a Long Term, Communal Living Treatment."

Acquiring better interpersonal skills.

Learning how to manage ourselves and relationships in a healthy manner.

Seeing that we can add value to the community we find ourselves in.